How to Cook on a Himalayan Salt Block?

This blog will show you the many health benefits of a himalayan salt plate and some important recipes.


A Himalayan salt plank, also known as a salt block, salt tile, or salt plate, is a worthy addition to any kitchen. Invest in one of these you will be able to cook all kinds of delicious foods on it, including meat like beef or chicken, all kinds of fish and seafood such as scallops or prawns. The salt plank will impart a delicately salty, mineral-rich taste to any food you cook on it.


The salt block contains more than 80 essential minerals and also has antibacterial properties. The salt and minerals are absorbed by your food during cooking. Respiratory function support, improved blood circulation, blood sugar stabilisation, and a healthy libido are just some of the believed health benefits.


If it is your first time using one of these, remember it needs to be heated to 200 to 250 degrees C (400 to 500 degrees F) before using it. Pop it in the oven and then turn the oven on and let it heat up. The very first time you are using the salt block, do this in stages – get it hot, let it rest, get it a bit hotter, let it rest again, and so on. You know the plank is hot enough to use when you hold your hand about 10cm (4 inches) above the salt plank and it feels very hot. You should only be able to keep your hand there for a few seconds before pulling it away.


Salt planks can be used on a gas or electric hob, in the oven, or on an outdoor grill or barbecue. You can even bring it to the table (because it retains its heat for a long time) and let people put their own meat and fish on there, so they can watch it cook in front of them. Obviously you will need some long-handled tongs and a good heat-resistant trivet to go underneath.


When the salt plank is hot enough, brush some cooking oil over it. Then you can go ahead and add your meat or fish. You don’t need to add salt to the food of course, since you are cooking on a plank made of salt, but remember the moister your food is, the more salt it will absorb from the plank. A Himalayan salt plank adds plenty of wonderful flavour and aroma, and it will season the food beautifully without making it ‘too salty’. Treat your salt plank right and it should last you for a very long time.


Succulent Salmon Cooked on a Salt Plank


What You Need:


Boneless, skin-on salmon fillets

Cooking oil, as needed

A pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

1 Himalayan salt plank


How to Make It:


First you need to heat the salt plank on the hob or barbecue grill until very hot. Hold your hand about 10 cm above it to check it is hot enough. Rub a little oil on to it, and also on the salmon, and sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on the fish if liked.


Now place the salmon fillets directly on the salt plank, flesh side down, and cook for about a minute. You will hear the fish sizzle as it cooks and see it change from glossy, bright pink to opaque light pink. Don’t flip the salmon over during cooking until it is cooked through, then you can flip it over and serve. Have any side dishes all ready to serve, because the salmon cooks so fast.


When you have finished cooking, let the salt block get cool (this might take several hours) then either wipe it clean with a damp sponge or scrub it in warm water if you have lots of stuck-on bits of food. The salt plank is antimicrobial so you don’t need to use detergent to clean it.

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