Himalayan Salt Lamp Buying Guide. What do I look out for?

Since the beginning of the recorded history, the properties of salt, which are beneficial were documented and known. In addition, the early civilizations valued salt greatly, and used it as a trading currency and a food preservative. Himalayan Salt has been considered as one of the natural and healthy products, which you can buy in the market today. Many customers who have tried the product were truly satisfied of it, and caused more people to continue purchasing more of the product.

The following are tips that will help you get the most out of every purchase of Himalayan Salt Lamp.

1. Study on the colors of the salt lamp – Most commonly, the colors that you would encounter in the market is orange and pinkish Himalayan Salt Lamp. But, it could also be possible that you will be able to encounter brown, white, and red shades. Generally, the white salt lamps are very rare and you will see only a few of them offered in the market. Nonetheless, they are quite more expensive than the other colors. The pink and orange Himalayan salt lamp is popular among buyers because of the soft and warm shades that they emit. People find it pleasing for them to purchase these shades. On the other hand, the red salt lamps can be very attractive but they only fit for nightlight.

2. Consider the reason you are buying the product – Before deciding to buy a salt lamp, you need to first identify the reason for buying it. Many would consider buying the salt lamp because it is unique and for other aesthetic reasons. The lamp can be a beautiful display figure that will do great on your house. They produce very soft and soothing light, which will make you take a look at it for a long period of time. In this case, if you are after the aesthetic quality of the product, then you should be looking for other details, such as the design and color.

For homeowners who want to spend money for buying the salt lamp, they must keep in mind that the light from the lamp is only ideal for a night atmosphere since the light is dim and soft. However, it is not ideal for reading. In some instances, many are encouraged to purchase Himalayan Salt Lamp because of the belief that it offers several health benefits, although researches and studies have not confirmed that yet.

3.Look at the size and weight – The size and weight of the salt lamps are important factors that you need to look at. Since these are made from rock salt somehow, they can really be heavy. Therefore, if you will buy a Himalayan salt lamp, you need to first make sure that the table is sturdy enough to support the weight of the lamp. If you choose to buy online, then you have to keep in mind of the shipping cost that could be higher if you purchase on a local store.


4. Colour of Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt lamps normally come in an orange or pinkish shade and are very popular since they emit a soft, warm shade of light that many people find pleasant and comforting.

5. Shape of Himalayan Salt Lamps
Himalayan salt lamps come in natural or hand/machine crafted shapes.  All naturally shaped Himalayan salt lamps consist of large chunks of salt crystals that look similar to how they would appear in nature. By comparison, crafted Himalayan salt lamps are carved into shapes and come in various shapes including spheres and pyramid shapes.

For example, one popular shape is the ” Fire Bowl” Himalayan salt lamp that has a shaped bowl with numerous small chunks of salt crystal in it.

6. Bulb Wattage of your Salt Lamp

Most Himalayan salt lamps will take a bulb with a low wattage of about 15 watts. If you want a brighter Himalayan salt lamp, then you should buy one with a higher bulb wattage.

7. Conclusion

Himalayan salt lamps are well known for their distinct attraction and beauty, the soothing and comforting light they emit, and their ionizing health benefits.

In purchasing Himalayan salt lamps, this guide can be a great help to get the most out of your investment on the product. Once you have it, see to it that it is secured and away from any chances of breaking or falling.

You can find good quality salt lamps here.

Himalayan Pink salt lamps

Himalayan pink salt lamps help purify polluted air by absorbing harmful microparticles present in the air. Salt lamps are different from normal home lamps and they are unique in all forms. Salt lamps are available in various shape, pattern, size, and texture. All lamps are in different design and size because they are formed naturally not artificially made.
Himalayan salt lamps work as a natural air purifier and which helps to remove the polluted particles present in the indoor air we inhale. Salt lamps release negative ions that work against the polluted air and remove bad odour and dust particles from the air. We can use salt lamps as an inhaler. They help purify the lungs from harmful toxins entered into the body via breathing.

Lowers Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Himalayan Salt lamps help to reduce dust particles, animals dander and mildew from the air which surrounds us, keeping lamps between the rooms where you mostly spend the time this can reduce the allergy symptoms. Even those who suffering from allergic and asthma should recognise a positive change after a two or week. In fact, Pink salt is so best for your breath, you can even use Himalayan Pink Salt as Inhalers.

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  1. Elizabeth Gold says:

    I heard a wonderful story recently about Himalayan salt… a friend of a friend had respiratory issues, and he started using a salt pipe inhaler. Now his respiratory issues have completely cleared up! Himalayan salt is wonderful stuff. Thanks for your article. Elizabeth.

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