How to cure allergies Himalayan Pink Salt

How to cure allergies and asthma with Himalayan Pink Salt:

As we move into summer, many of us will suffer from the related allergies and hay-fever, which in turn can also irritate asthma. Here’s how Himalayan Salt can help combat nasty allergies along with asthma.
The beauty of Himalayan Pink Salt is that it has been untouched by toxins and pollutants for thousands of years, as it is deep under the surface of the Himalayan Mountains in mines. This, coupled with its rich minerals, makes Himalayan Pink Salt brilliant for both preventing and treating a number of mild allergies.

Here are 5 ways to use Himalayan Pink Salt to combat your allergies:
1. Drink Sole: Drink 1% Himalayan Pink Salt to 99% water – known as Sole – every morning.
2. Inhalation: Use the same Sole solution as above, but use hot water and inhale the steam for about 15 minutes, once or twice a day.
3. Ionizer: Use crystal salt ionizer to create pure air in the room you spend most of your time in. This binds the dust, pollen, and particles that can trigger allergies and asthma.
4. Bathing: Use the Sole solution as above but in your bath tub. This will create a lovely relaxing spa treatment, that will help you destress whilst also boasting the benefits of the inhalation treatment.
5. Salt Room Therapy: For a real allergy busting approach, try Salt Room therapy, where the high salt content creates a relaxing atmosphere to calm and soothe, as well as providing respiratory benefits. Many day spas now offer this service thanks to its popularity and success. Once a week is a relaxing treat along with combatting allergies and asthma.

In addition to taking your regular asthma medication, Himalayan Salt can also be used to both sooth and aid recovery after an asthma attack has occurred, and to prevent the onset of any future attacks.
Whilst Himalayan Salt has proven benefits for those suffering from respiratory problems, it is important that you do not discontinue the medication provided by your doctor. Use Himalayan Salt in addition to your own medication to feel its soothing benefits.

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