How to cure allergies Himalayan Pink Salt

How to cure allergies and asthma with Himalayan Pink Salt: As we move into summer, many of us will suffer from the related allergies and hay-fever, which in turn can also irritate asthma. Here’s how Himalayan Salt can help combat nasty allergies along with asthma. The beauty of Himalayan Pink Salt is that it has […]

Top 40 Surprising Benefits of Himalayan Salt


We never thought that there will be so many ways we could use Himalayan salt, unless until we began researching regarding Himalayan salt and uses of it.we are so delighted to share this blog post with you, we hope you will enjoy after reading this blog, here we go. Himalayan Salt  Benefits: Benefits For Your […]

Himalayan Salt Lamp Buying Guide. What do I look out for?

Since the beginning of the recorded history, the properties of salt, which are beneficial were documented and known. In addition, the early civilizations valued salt greatly, and used it as a trading currency and a food preservative. Himalayan Salt has been considered as one of the natural and healthy products, which you can buy in […]

What are the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt?

Salt always had a bad reputation because of its high-sodium content. Those who are living a healthier and fitter lifestyle stay away from salt, especially given the fact that it can affect various organs of the body. The good news, however, is that not all salts are the same. Yes, there are salts that can […]

Himalayan Salt Exhibition at NEC Birmingham, UK

We had an absolutely fantastic time at the Food Expo 2016 in NEC Birmingham, UK. So many visitors walking past the stall were impressed with all Himalayan Salt products in particular the Salt Masters cooking block. On a more positive note there were many interactions with Senior Buyers and Production Managers of small to large […]

How to Cook on a Himalayan Salt Block?

This blog will show you the many health benefits of a himalayan salt plate and some important recipes.   A Himalayan salt plank, also known as a salt block, salt tile, or salt plate, is a worthy addition to any kitchen. Invest in one of these you will be able to cook all kinds of […]